SHIIRA browser review

It is important for an internet user to install the suitable web browser that will fulfill his surfing purposes. Shiira is a web browser for the Mac OS X operating system which is incorporated with highly useful features. Shiira make use of private browsing preferences so that history and cookies are not documented when activated. The browser has enhanced features that facilitate a smooth and trouble free surfing. The search engines search field on the toolbar comprises many search engines and is absolutely customizable and tabbed browsing is very flexible in this browser which enables users to reorganize tabs by dragging, or select an option to refresh tabs when they are clicked. Cocoa programming is being implemented here to provide users with a customizable drawer broadening from the left or right of the window. The drawer contains bookmarks whose launch is based on a user-programmed inclination of one or two clicks, history, download process is such that it helps in avoiding messing the virtual window with additional download windows. It has an exclusive page holder to access myriad links while surfing other sites, and an RSS reader. In version 2.0, the sidebar was replaced by a series of pallets opened and closed from the main window toolbar. The browser also supports in-browser PDF viewing. It is one of the greatest and most well-designed browsers.