Business Forum

Today let me share with you an interesting and extremely useful Business Forum called Platinax.

With over 20,000 posts and more than 4000 registered users, Platinax serves as one of the leading Business Forum for entrepreneurs online.
Platinax is designed to be a useful resource for business online, especially from the UK.

The Platinax business forums are intended as a place where small businesses and webmasters can share information, help one another, generally relax and network.
You can register to these business forums absolutely free and it just takes few seconds to register.
You can talk about your business, aspects of your business, and your business experience by all means – but members seen to be present only to promote their commercial interests are banned. by the admins.
Affiliate links are not allowed under any circumstances anywhere on these forums. Incase you want to profit from your links, you need to buy ad space.

The main business forums here are
1. Business with topics business discussions, Start-ups & ideas, Management and Business Lax.
2. Marketing with topics like Advertising & sales,Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Google.
3. Economics and Finance with topics like Ecommerce, Accounts and Finance.
4. Web Development with topics like Graphics & Design, Coding & programming and Website showcase.
5. Internet with topics like Internet & Technology, Web Hosting, Webmasters and Security issues.

These forums provide valuable articles and feedback with many expert users. Its a must visit forum if you are an online entrepreneur.