Why Cybersoft?

Cybersoft stands out in the marketplace due to:

1. Our process based approach
2. Our attitude towards work and relationships

Our approach to each item of work we encounter in our line of work is looked upon long term. This means that we will ensure that while the work at hand is done in the most effective and efficient manner possible, each aspect will be documented and stored for future reference and repeat execution. This includes the method employed, technology used, blocks encountered, solutions, knowledge et al.

Technical skills can be acquired, built or otherwise learned. Attitude is a property that is at the very core of the company and inherited by each one of its members. Five minutes of interaction with any member of our company will clearly highlight the difference in each person’s attitude towards work and relationships.

The right attitude towards works ensures that quality is a vital part of every internal or external delivery, specifications are to be respected, timelines are sacrosanct and most of all, ownership is present from day one. On the same lines, the right attitude towards relationships ensures that sales personnel are not the only people who understand the importance of client requirements. Each developer on the team understands and is a part of the overall situation. No client is ‘just another client’ and no project is ‘a piece of code to be written, checked and delivered’. Each project is a means to extend an existing relationship towards greater involvement and to begin building a new relationship to greater levels of comfort. Our long term view of relationships and technology ensures the output you finally receive is always well thought through, packaged and delivered.

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