People are the core substance of any company. Ensuring the professional quality of our work requires the right people at all times. Each person entering the company goes through a rigorous interview and selection process. Consisting of 4 rounds, the primary criteria are:

C – Communication
A – Attitude
T – Technical Competency

Each of C, A and T must be phenomenally high for the individual to progress beyond the first round, to others, where other factors like quality focus, customer facing attitude, teamwork etc are gauged. Some parameters are measured by the individual’s peers, instead of HR personnel or technical managers. This ensures we gain a realistic, on ground interpretation of the person’s technical abilities, rather than one limited to theoretical parameters.

In addition to hiring the right people it is also necessary to maintain low attrition ratios by creating the right environment. An environment created by individuals, for individuals, through a framework of empowerment, responsibility and teamwork, is one that is effective in meeting the work needs of different individuals.

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