Digital photo correction software by Two Pilots

New versions of digital photo correction software have been released by Two Pilots. All the previous software of this Two Pilots such as Beauty Pilot, MakeUp Pilot, Pet Eye Pilot, Retouch Pilot, and Wire Pilot have been updated and again released. Each of them can be installed as a plug-in into the preferred photo editor like the Photoshop or can be used as an individual program. These softwares have different functions. The Beauty Pilot can conceal the imperfections in pictures and bring out the flawless texture in them, particularly for women’s portraits. Makeup Pilot is almost similar which can wipe away any spots or marks on the skin through its applications. In order to correct the linear perspective on urban landscape photos, Perspective Pilot is used for this by just setting a line. Wire Pilot helps to retouch linear objects like wires, posts, and antennas to enhance outdoor scenes by applying a smart patch from one area of an image to another, and also can delete any unwanted objects involving a complex background. Pet Eye Pilot can help in to get rid of the red eye effect from the picture of your pet. Retouch Pilot restores scanned old photos by removing any defects that have arisen from long-term storage, such as stains, scratches and overall wear and tear. This program which works on most Windows platforms can help you to create the best and perfect pictures.