SlimBrowser review

Today people look for more advanced and multi-featured browsers. SlimBrowser is a kind of tabbed multiple-site web browser that uses the Microsoft Trident depiction engine with a large collection of features. This browser supports tab in multiline or single line manner with horizontal scrolling. The positions of the tabs can be changed by dragging and can be renamed to indicate a fixed name for the particular site. Middle click gesture or double click gesture is used to close. Tabs can be saved in groups and can be opened at any time. You can either open a single site from the group or can open a group on startup. The browser is capable of remembering the tabs you had open and can be reloaded if at any time the browser crashes. You can either opt for refreshing of multiple pages or the browser can refresh a page automatically. Content filtering can be done with the help of Universal URL Filter and the popup blocker is available with recoverable popups and list of recently suppressed sites. Sites can be kept hidden and can be recovered from Hidden Sites list at any time. The browser provides a download control. Search bar comes built in with many popular sites. Through “Extract Search Engine Data” option, a search entry for most sites can be created. Alias for a site can be created to navigate quickly and it also provides AutoLogin facility.