Spider Simulator

Today, a lot of content that has been displayed on web pages might not actually be available or visible to search engines. This can be flash based content or content that is generated through JavaScript and even content displayed as images. This means that anything that is rendered on the side of the client may not be visible to search engines.

Spider Simulator is a tool that simulates a search engine by displaying the contents of a web page the exact way a search engine will see it. This software can also help in displaying hyperlinks, which at times can be very important. The search engine spider simulator provides you with a report on aspects of the page that are used to determine how highly in a search engine the page is ranked, and also gives some general usability feedback.

One can now download a page through this tool, where you will be given an idea of what the search engines see when they spider the site you are using. This software is very useful for seeing what search engine will be first encountering on the page, however the output may look a bit ugly because the web pages will look like without the markup of any HTML. In fact, this can act as a good indicator of how fairly the design of the page is done provided it will be readable and can be used in this mode. This tool can ultimately help in your SEO and help you set your website such that you can drive traffic to it.