OmniWeb browser review

OmniWeb is indeed another useful web browser developed by The Omni Group for the Mac OS X operating system. Its separate window form editing feature works when you will click the square in the upper right corner of multi line form fields to open it in a separate window and assists in case you wish to add lots of text to an area which is very small and want to see all of it at once. This feature also allows you to enter tab characters. The feature workspaces can gather groups of web browser windows and tabs in them. Multiple workspaces for different web research topics and quickly switch between them with a key shortcut or menu choice is available. Next, by clicking on view link button in the toolbar, one can quickly view all the links contained in the page. OmniWeb uses a controlling pattern match ad blocking feature to stop images from loading from servers matching the pattern. It is also possible to block images that don’t originate from the current server you are browsing and to block images which match common advertisement sizes. Its shortcut feature allows one to type a key word or phrase to open a certain web site or begin a specific web search. Preferences can be implemented to specific websites. These preferences are saved automatically and retained between browsing sessions.