FocalPoint review

Photography softwares are always in great demand with the professional photographers to get the best pictures by editing the pictures taken by them through these softwares. The Focal Point 1.0 that has been announced by onOne Software, is its new plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements is all ready for downloading. This selective focus and a plug-in named FocalPoint is designed to help the photographers easily blur and/or vignette areas of an image. Without an extra equipment the FocalPoint will help you to create this look from within Photoshop , the look which is quite popular among wedding and portrait photographers and which is often produced in camera by using special selective focus or tilt-shift lenses, filters or vignetting hoods. FocalPoint gives the photographer total control over the techniques of applying high edge creative focusing effects to their images after the images have been taken by the photographers and forming this special effect through this. It works just like a lens as if it is present inside the Photoshop and the users can shot the required spot of focus directly on their image and then control the amount, kind of blur used and even lighten or darken the edges quickly and easily. FocalPoint remembers all the settings applied by the users and it is compatible with both PC and Mac.