OmniWeb browser review

OmniWeb is indeed another useful web browser developed by The Omni Group for the Mac OS X operating system. Its separate window form editing feature works when you will click the square in the upper right corner of multi line form fields to open it in a separate window and assists in case you wish to add lots of text to an area which is very small and want to see all of it at once. This feature also allows you to enter tab characters. The feature workspaces can gather groups of web browser windows and tabs in them. Multiple workspaces for different web research topics and quickly switch between them with a key shortcut or menu choice is available. Next, by clicking on view link button in the toolbar, one can quickly view all the links contained in the page. OmniWeb uses a controlling pattern match ad blocking feature to stop images from loading from servers matching the pattern. It is also possible to block images that don’t originate from the current server you are browsing and to block images which match common advertisement sizes. Its shortcut feature allows one to type a key word or phrase to open a certain web site or begin a specific web search. Preferences can be implemented to specific websites. These preferences are saved automatically and retained between browsing sessions.

iRider browser review

There are quite a good number of internet browsers. iRider is a commercial browser which is having some of the latest features. Firstly, it has a page map which shows open pages as thumbnails in a hierarchical tree, giving a visual overview of the pages and sites that are running. The page map can be navigated directly by clicking links or using back and forward instructions. One can even directly click on a page or visit the pages just by dragging through the page map. For downloading any page while staying on the current page, one should right-click on links or favorites. The user can even opt for multiple links or Favorites (bookmarks), open them all with one click, and evaluate them as they download at maximum speed. Again, a Next Page command visits pages as they download in the page map, according to user-defined alternatives. In arrangement with link queuing, the browser allows easy visitation of any pages on a site or numerous sites, without using the Back button or revisiting pages previously seen. A Parent command goes to a page’s parent page and throws light on the link used to reach the child page. The user can even search a number of categorized search engines at a time and download their results concurrently. Separate pages can be easily opened from forms and the browser blocks undesired pop-ups.


Avant Browser which is available in 41 languages runs on Windows 98 and above, including Windows Vista. Internet Explorer version 6 or 7 must be installed. It has some of the most advanced features. It consists of user-customizable tabbed interface; Progress bar on each tab which is optional; an array of tab locking, duplication, and drop-and-drag arrangement. It can automatically save and reopen several numbers of pages and is capable to restore open pages after system crash. You can choose undo menu for last 25 closed tabs. The system of opening pages in single process reduces resource demands. It offers multiple home pages. It is compatible with many IE toolbars and add-ins, including Google toolbar, highlights marker to find keywords on any page. One can add custom-made function buttons. It has built-in RSS feed reader and URL alias facility to create keyboard shortcuts to favorite sites. Page zoom slider ranges from 25% to 500%. Its compact mode saves interface space and there is a boss button to hide browser quickly. The tray icons keep Avant running in system tray for fast access. It is also having customizable mouse gestures, autoscroll facility for hands-free reading; context-activated floating toolbars to save and edit images, text and Flash; customizable right-click menu entries; quick translation menu, the system of automatic page refresh at custom intervals and many other features. Its Push-button helps in quick blocking of unwanted items.

SHIIRA browser review

It is important for an internet user to install the suitable web browser that will fulfill his surfing purposes. Shiira is a web browser for the Mac OS X operating system which is incorporated with highly useful features. Shiira make use of private browsing preferences so that history and cookies are not documented when activated. The browser has enhanced features that facilitate a smooth and trouble free surfing. The search engines search field on the toolbar comprises many search engines and is absolutely customizable and tabbed browsing is very flexible in this browser which enables users to reorganize tabs by dragging, or select an option to refresh tabs when they are clicked. Cocoa programming is being implemented here to provide users with a customizable drawer broadening from the left or right of the window. The drawer contains bookmarks whose launch is based on a user-programmed inclination of one or two clicks, history, download process is such that it helps in avoiding messing the virtual window with additional download windows. It has an exclusive page holder to access myriad links while surfing other sites, and an RSS reader. In version 2.0, the sidebar was replaced by a series of pallets opened and closed from the main window toolbar. The browser also supports in-browser PDF viewing. It is one of the greatest and most well-designed browsers.

SlimBrowser review

Today people look for more advanced and multi-featured browsers. SlimBrowser is a kind of tabbed multiple-site web browser that uses the Microsoft Trident depiction engine with a large collection of features. This browser supports tab in multiline or single line manner with horizontal scrolling. The positions of the tabs can be changed by dragging and can be renamed to indicate a fixed name for the particular site. Middle click gesture or double click gesture is used to close. Tabs can be saved in groups and can be opened at any time. You can either open a single site from the group or can open a group on startup. The browser is capable of remembering the tabs you had open and can be reloaded if at any time the browser crashes. You can either opt for refreshing of multiple pages or the browser can refresh a page automatically. Content filtering can be done with the help of Universal URL Filter and the popup blocker is available with recoverable popups and list of recently suppressed sites. Sites can be kept hidden and can be recovered from Hidden Sites list at any time. The browser provides a download control. Search bar comes built in with many popular sites. Through “Extract Search Engine Data” option, a search entry for most sites can be created. Alias for a site can be created to navigate quickly and it also provides AutoLogin facility.