We believe there are four critical qualities that are necessary for a technology oriented organisation.

Technology Base – This refers to the base of our company that is deeply entrenched in a technology culture. Coming to work every day and working with cutting edge technology is not a job, but a lifelong passion with our teams.

Process Orientation – In order to serve our clients most effectively, we need to be organised internally and externally. Internal organisation takes the form of every person knowing the next step in any given sequence of activities. This ensures each person is empowered and productivity is always maximised. External organisation happens when our internal processes are designed in a manner that they can interface with our client’s processes and are not rigid, therefore becoming an end into themselves.

People – People are the lifeblood of any organisation. Each member of our team is handpicked by his peers and is required to satisfy three base criteria – Communication, Attitude and Technical Competency. Each of the three criteria must be exceptionally high in order to qualify for the next round. Each person must be a team player and possess a high degree of comprehension skills among other requisite qualities.

In addition to the people themselves, the processes that govern the hiring process are equally important. Situations arise where skilled resources are required in a short span of time, in order to meet client specifications. As quality cannot be compromised, nor organisational integrity, the processes must be of exceptional quality and robustness.

Quality Focus – Many companies place the least specialisation priority on software and process quality assurance. More important than having an SQA department is ensuring each member of the team has a focus on quality. Quality is a tangible thing to those with a quality focus, and the lack of it is simply not acceptable. Such an attitude in a team ensures that the only kind of output will be that with high levels of quality and that which meets specifications to the letter.

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