Website Development Services

Website development is a term that incorporates many aspects of building a website. It includes:

• Assessing the needs of the client
• Understanding their personal preferences
• Planning a website to include all this
• Building a website that takes into consideration all these requirements
• Making the website look good and work efficiently

Website Development ServicesExcellent website development is one of the hallmarks of the team at CyberSoft Online. They make sure that the customer’s choices are kept uppermost. They spend time and effort understanding what the website should display and how you want to project your company’s image. A site developed by the CyberSoft team will always be a blend competence and creativity.


Static Website Development


Static website development is one of the simplest forms of website development. The site is built using HTML and consists of web pages where each one is a separate document and they do not work in conjunction with external files or company databases. The static websites are a good option where:

• The company is only looking for a web presence
• Interactive websites are not required
• Budget is minimal
• A basic quick website is required
• Updating is done regularly by someone with knowledge about website building

CyberSoft Online can build you a static website which will look good, be easy to navigate and will not cost too much. It can be updated by your employees or we can do it for you regularly.


Dynamic Website Development


A dynamic website, as the name suggests is an active website where it is regularly being renewed and updated using the company’s rapidly changing databases. This website is built using PHP or ASP codes and it has a far greater degree of functionality compared to a static website. CyberSoft Online can develop a highly efficient and dynamic website giving you the following advantages:

• It can work interactively with the company employees
• It is search engine friendly
• It provides functions such as regular updates and monetary transactions at all moments
• It is much more functional
• Can be regularly updated in no time
• Provides discussion boards for active participation by visitors

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