Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important features of a website. Without it the website might as well be an obscure blog which no one will ever access. The role of SEO is well known and every website has to make sure that search engine optimization is done to its fullest capacity.

SEO ServicesAt CyberSoft Online search engine optimization is an on-going process. It begins when the website is being built. At that point the use of keywords, the placing of the words in each page, the incorporation of search engine optimization in each and every page is a part of the website building process. This is a specialised field, and it should be done only by those who have the expertise and experience. At CyberSoft Online, our team will make sure that your website is visible and high in the search engine rankings.

Our role does not end with the SEO process while the website is being built. We are there with you every time you add content to the website, every time you change the structure or want to advertise a new product. It is a continuous effort, and with the search engine criteria changing every day, we make sure that you are there right on top of the pack.


On Page Optimization Services


On Page optimization is the visible effort that is put in to build an effective Search Engine Optimization into the website. These include all the aspects which have an effect on how well your web page is listed when a simple search is done. It could include:

• Adding Meta/Alt Tags
• Analytic Setup
• Adding XML and Google Site Maps
• Corrections of HTM Code
• Content Optimization
• Removing Broken and Dead Links

The main On Page Optimization is done once the site is built, but it has to be refreshed regularly so that search engine crawlers are up to date with your content and keywords.


Off Page Optimization Services


Off Page optimization is generally done offsite and its visibility on the website is not evident. However, if it is done ethically and correctly it can make a major difference to the SEO Optimization of the website. At CyberSoft we pay a great deal of emphasis to Off Page Optimization and pay special attention to the following aspects of the website:

Creation and submission of:

• Directory Submission
• Social Bookmarking Submission
• Press Release Submission
• Article Submission
• Classified Ads
• Forum Posting
• Blog Creation
• Blog Posts
• Blog Commenting
• Web 2.0 Submission

We also create new pages incorporating the principles of Off Page Optimization; we submit articles to directories, and we build relevant links so that you are connected to many websites. We know what the search engines need and we make sure that your website provides them with that information.

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