SAFARI browser review

Web browsers are becoming more efficient with their innovative features that simplify and modify the search techniques. Safari is one of the advanced web browsers that is developed by Apple Inc. and included in Mac OS X. The features of Safari are closely related to the latest web browsers. Lets focus on the features of Safari. The browser has a tabbed browsing interface that allows dragging tabs to reorder them, moving them between windows or creating new windows. It has a bookmark management format and a resizable web-search box in the toolbar. This brings into play Google on the Mac and either Google or Yahoo! on Windows. It supports Pop-up ad blocking. You can recollect history and bookmark including search of content in history pages of the browser. Some of the unique features include the as-you-type text search and spell-checking for all text entry fields and also you can resize the text entry boxes as per the length of the text. It facilitates automatic filling in of web forms, built-in password management via Keychain. One can subscribe to and read web feeds. It uses WebKit framework including partial, preliminary support for CSS3 and HTML 5. It allows Quartz-style font-smoothing, even on Windows and support for user-specified style sheets. It has integration of Apple’s QuickTime multimedia technology and the Web Inspector, a DOM Inspector-like utility that lets users and developers surf the Document Object Model of a web page.

Netscape browser

Netscape was developed as a web browser in the mid 1990s. In 1994, Netscape navigator was introduced which was started by mosaic communications and the name being later changed to Netscape Communications Corporation.

During the period of its inception Netscape was the leading web browser in business and therefore did not pay any considerable heed to any kind of competition. However with the release of Netscape Beta 3, it faced the main the first real competition from Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. Netscape was also one of the firsts to include Javascript, RSA security and QuickTime decoder.

With time, Netscape did not change its main browser core and started looking outdated with advancements showed by other web browsers. The declining popularity was lifted up with AOL buying Netscape in 1998.

The Netscape communicator version also tried to re-enter Netscape in the big league but the aging code did not find any improvement in its popularity. In 2007, Netscape was introduced to run on Mac and Linux platforms to increase its usability. However as of march, 2008 AOL announced washing their hands off Netscape navigator.

Netscape has internet space through the website It displays AOL products and the Netscape blog.

SMART BRO browser

Among numerous web browsers, Smart Bro is one of user-friendly browser that provides the easy and quick ways to surf the net. Smart Bro is a tabbed web browser that has been developed by Mind Vision Software. It bears a resemblance to Internet Explorer. Coming to the features, Smart Bro has an incorporated popup blocker, form filler, a filter to block Flash advertisements, and implements a technique to prevent the loading of images on a website in order to save bandwidth. It can quickly enable or disable scripts on websites. This technique is supportive when visiting some websites which are relying to a great extent on scripts to offer pop-ups and Ads. Putting the scripts out of action on such sites will craft them risk-free. It has various interesting features and one such is protection while minimized. You can prevent others from looking at the contents of the browser by minimizing the Smart Bro to the system tray and then setting a protection password for it. The browser is known to be competent enough to provide quick search in an unconventional way and thereby makes the surfing easier to the users. The address bar in this browser is used for entering the site address and also the search criteria given by the user. It has integrated RSS reader sidebar and most importantly, the site requires Internet Explorer 5+ as a support.

Opera Browser review

If there was one browser that had received unanimous reviews of being the fastest, leanest and one of the most efficient browser available, it would have to be Opera. With most of the functionalities that Internet Explorer has, Opera is right up there with the best, even Firefox, mainly because of its features and the size. It is almost half the size of IE but it several features that leaves IE far behind. It uses fewer resources and is nearly endlessly customizable where you can use pre-formatted “skins” to change the look of the browser.

Some of its main features include tabbed browsing and the ability to save a session that you are working on. This means that if you have around five web pages that are open at the same time, you simply click on Tools, then Preferences. Choose “Continue from last time” and close Opera. So, the next time when you are opening this web browser, you will begin exactly where you left off. There is also a popup blocker, a password manager and a download manager.

Opera can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other operating systems. Security is not as robust as in Firefox or Internet Explorer, which keeps Opera from claiming “best browser” status. Previously, full versions of Opera required a licensing fee, but the browser is now completely free.

Custom web forms

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