Web Service: Making life easier to live…digitally!

Among the various developments in the world of software applications and internet in the past few years, Web Services have emerged as one of the most popular system among users. WS, as they are more commonly referred, is described by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C as a software designed method which regulates the flow of control of a Machine to Machine interaction over internet. However, in its most common form of use, WS is all about the interactions between clients and servers with the help of XML.

The WS in turn has quite a number of styles in which the application can be used, the chief among them being RPC, SOA and REST. RPC stands for Remote Procedure Calls and they are among the most accepted and used as the most of the initial WS applications operated on RPC. However, RPC has been often been disapproved of by many users as they are not loosely coupled. SOA or Service Oriented Architecture, on the other hand is more preferred by vendors for the loose coupling. SOA is referred time and again as Message Oriented Service. The final style of use REST or REpresentational State Transfer is more about following HTTP like protocols as they restrict themselves to a set of standard operations.

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Business Process Execution Language

BPEL, which stands for Business Process Execution Language is being defined as a language used to indicate the flow of control in the business process in Web Service or WS. In other words, it offers a platform to properly stipulate business and interactive protocols. WS BPEL supports the specifications of both Executable as well as the Abstract business protocols. BPEL also outlines an interoperable integration model that will help in the growth of automated process integration in intra-corporate as well as the business-to-business spaces.

The roots of BPEL lay in the application languages like WSFL and XLANG which were merged together to form BPEL4WS. It is an orchestration language which is to say that BPEL spells out an executable protocol which includes exchange of messages with other systems in a way that the sequence is in control of the designer. Apart from the message exchange provision, BPEL also provides other facilities such as writing expressions and queries in different languages made possible because of an extensible language plug in model. It also possible to type variables in XML and WSDL besides being able to encapsulate logic fault-handlers, event-handlers, compensation-handlers and local variables due to a scoping system. Finally it also facilitates structured programming that will encompass all the loop commands like if-then-else, etc. and the flow of control.

Service Oriented Architecture

The term Service in reference to software applications and internet generally denotes an independent function which is autonomous, self reliant and well defined in nature. Now, a collection of such services can be described as a Service Oriented Architecture or simply as SOA. SOA is essentially a style for generating and utilizing business processes, which are put together as services. These are basically loosely coupled with the OS and the application or function’s programming language. Though quite popular among both vendors and users, SOA cannot be considered a pioneering feat as it was preceded by DCOM or Object Request Brokers which had their roots in the CORBA specifications.
The use of SOA is dictated by different standardized codes and principles; primary among them being fulfillment of both common as well as industry specific standards. Next come Reuse, granularity, modularity, compos ability, componentization, and interoperability which are followed by identifying and classifying and categorizing services along with provisioning, delivery, supervising and tracking. An SOA is generally created using WS standards such as SOAP (which once stood for Simple Object Access Protocol). These WS specifications also provide a good platform for encouraging interactive operations as well as interoperability. However, SOA has also been criticized because of the claims that it leads to additional XML layers resulting in XML parsing and structure.

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