iRider browser review

There are quite a good number of internet browsers. iRider is a commercial browser which is having some of the latest features. Firstly, it has a page map which shows open pages as thumbnails in a hierarchical tree, giving a visual overview of the pages and sites that are running. The page map can be navigated directly by clicking links or using back and forward instructions. One can even directly click on a page or visit the pages just by dragging through the page map. For downloading any page while staying on the current page, one should right-click on links or favorites. The user can even opt for multiple links or Favorites (bookmarks), open them all with one click, and evaluate them as they download at maximum speed. Again, a Next Page command visits pages as they download in the page map, according to user-defined alternatives. In arrangement with link queuing, the browser allows easy visitation of any pages on a site or numerous sites, without using the Back button or revisiting pages previously seen. A Parent command goes to a page’s parent page and throws light on the link used to reach the child page. The user can even search a number of categorized search engines at a time and download their results concurrently. Separate pages can be easily opened from forms and the browser blocks undesired pop-ups.


Avant Browser which is available in 41 languages runs on Windows 98 and above, including Windows Vista. Internet Explorer version 6 or 7 must be installed. It has some of the most advanced features. It consists of user-customizable tabbed interface; Progress bar on each tab which is optional; an array of tab locking, duplication, and drop-and-drag arrangement. It can automatically save and reopen several numbers of pages and is capable to restore open pages after system crash. You can choose undo menu for last 25 closed tabs. The system of opening pages in single process reduces resource demands. It offers multiple home pages. It is compatible with many IE toolbars and add-ins, including Google toolbar, highlights marker to find keywords on any page. One can add custom-made function buttons. It has built-in RSS feed reader and URL alias facility to create keyboard shortcuts to favorite sites. Page zoom slider ranges from 25% to 500%. Its compact mode saves interface space and there is a boss button to hide browser quickly. The tray icons keep Avant running in system tray for fast access. It is also having customizable mouse gestures, autoscroll facility for hands-free reading; context-activated floating toolbars to save and edit images, text and Flash; customizable right-click menu entries; quick translation menu, the system of automatic page refresh at custom intervals and many other features. Its Push-button helps in quick blocking of unwanted items.

Digital photo correction software by Two Pilots

New versions of digital photo correction software have been released by Two Pilots. All the previous software of this Two Pilots such as Beauty Pilot, MakeUp Pilot, Pet Eye Pilot, Retouch Pilot, and Wire Pilot have been updated and again released. Each of them can be installed as a plug-in into the preferred photo editor like the Photoshop or can be used as an individual program. These softwares have different functions. The Beauty Pilot can conceal the imperfections in pictures and bring out the flawless texture in them, particularly for women’s portraits. Makeup Pilot is almost similar which can wipe away any spots or marks on the skin through its applications. In order to correct the linear perspective on urban landscape photos, Perspective Pilot is used for this by just setting a line. Wire Pilot helps to retouch linear objects like wires, posts, and antennas to enhance outdoor scenes by applying a smart patch from one area of an image to another, and also can delete any unwanted objects involving a complex background. Pet Eye Pilot can help in to get rid of the red eye effect from the picture of your pet. Retouch Pilot restores scanned old photos by removing any defects that have arisen from long-term storage, such as stains, scratches and overall wear and tear. This program which works on most Windows platforms can help you to create the best and perfect pictures.

What Does It Mean By SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that is used for the promotion of a website. Although it should not be compared with advertisement as because advertisement is specifically money oriented but search engine optimization is an art that can be done even without spending enough money. SEO basically deals with the search engines like that of Google, Yahoo, Live etc. In general SEO can be defined as an activity that can be used to bring a site on high on Search engine results. Optimization is done with respect to a certain text that is known as keyword. These keywords are optimized in such a way that the search results specific to those keywords would bring on the site at the first page. SEO doesn’t require a very high technical skill, but at least you should be familiar with the basic HTML. There are certain basic rules that have to be followed while performing search engine optimization for a site. It’s not essential that your effort would bring your site at the top of search engine results but if you followed all the basic rules of SEO then your site would definitely not go unnoticed.

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Service Component Architecture

Service Component Architecture or SCA as it is more commonly referred can be described more or less as an offshoot of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). SCA is comparatively a new step taken by the front row players of the software world like Oracle, Sybase and IBM with the claim that it is more appropriate for delivery of functions supporting the SOA.

Among the advantages of a SCA designed functions, the primary ones are language compatibility ranging from C++, JAVA, COBOL and PHP to those like XML, BPEL and XSLT. Moreover, in SCA, data can be signified as SDO or Service Data Objects. Another added advantage of SCA is the capacity to work flawlessly with different constructs such as One Way, Call Return, Notification and also the adaptability for composite functions.

However the significance of SCA has been trimmed down quite a bit for a considerable section of users due to the lack of support by Microsoft Corporation. Also, there is a constant problem about adoption as the specification does not deal with the running of the SOA applications. Moreover, instead of interoperability, the attention of SCA is more towards portability making it prone once again to the drawbacks of CORBA. Howbeit, there is a method termed as Activation which is said to help SCA in giving support in interoperability.