Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart software is software used in e-commerce to assist people making purchases online. The software allows online shopping customers to place items in the cart. Upon checkout, the software typically calculates a total for the order, including shipping and handling (i.e. postage and packing) charges and the associated taxes, as applicable.

Hosted shopping cart software is never downloaded, but rather is provided by a hosted service provider and is generally paid for on a monthly/annual basis; also known as the application service provider (ASP) software model. Some of these services also charge a percentage of sales in addition to the monthly fee.

Ashop is an Australian company with offices at Australia, United Kingdom, united States and Canada. It provides shopping cart software, internet programming and digital imaging who cater toward small to medium sized businesses that are looking to build or simply start their online division of business. Anyone can set up an Ashop Commerce shopping cart easily with customisable design using their unique design creator or even flash and HTML to create that personalized look you need. It is totally secured with 128 bit SSL checkout security.

With their software you can just sit at home, create an online store using shopping cart software and happily accept payments with ease.

Logo Designing

Apart from a good soothing and meaningful website, logo is something that is very important. Logo defines the company’s outlook. Your logo is one important piece of your branding strategy. Your logo is a symbol that can provide consumers with instant and powerful brand recognition of your business and the services or products that you offer.

Successful branding starts with the right logo – one that’s professional, memorable, and adaptable to all your sales tools. Unfortunately, not all logos are created equal. Some look good, but they don’t meet the key criteria needed to help you brand your company.

Logo design work is not an easy job. It requires the designer or a logo designing company to understand the company for which the logo is being created. Like a masterful piece of artwork, the ideal logo design needs to tap your inner emotions, stimulate your visual appeal, and etch itself into your memory.

The Internet is exploding with burgeoning companies, all vying for that killer logo design. Your image matters. Your logo speaks volumes. Your corporate identity has just a few seconds to impress prospects with your brand. Your logo design is priceless. Your logo designer is paramount to your success.

Who else but you know your company the best. So, why not design your logo yourself. has a great Do It Yourself Logo Design offer. I really love to create logos and design a Logo myself using this service.

Branding Guru

Branding is the total perceived value, relative to competitors, as viewed by their audience. How you want the consumer to perceive your product or your brand. Companies try to bridge the gap between the brand image and the brand identity. A branding guru is the one who sees the BIG picture. Your company’s fingerprint is the key to standing apart from the rest.

‘Genius’ lies in the ability to connect markets and business, creativity and analysis, customers and shareholders, promises and reality, today and tomorrow.
Whether marketing a corporate brand or a branded product or service, success increasingly demands proactive brand management.

Brandidentityguru helps companies to build their brand by conducting a brand audit and analysis of your brand identity and brand image; review all corporate and marketing communications, internal and external. That means trade ads, annual reports, trade show booths, brochures, sell sheets, training videos, newsletters, press releases, etc.

They help you to analyze how your company interacts with the world and if your marketing strategy and branding strategy are in alignment. They have a full integrated marketing communications program for your company and its brands.

Branding adds spirit and a soul to what would otherwise be a robotic, automated, generic price-value proposition.

Multiple Domain Hosting

Looks like this week is dedicated to web-hosting companies. I guess this would be my 3rd or 4rth review this week on web hosting company. In a way its good for you guys who are looking for reliable and cheap web hosting. These reviews will give you quite a few options to choose from. I know sometimes it becomes difficult when you have too many choices. But I promise, I wont let you get confused with tons of choices. Just enough reviews so that you can make a wise choice.

So here is one more company, epowhost, offering Multiple domains web hosting.
I feel more and more companies are now offering Multiple domain hosting under one account. This could be the reason because more and more people have multiple domains. Why multiple domains, you might wonder. Well the simple reason – more websites more money. Yes, most of the people (bloggers specially) create multiple domains with rich content and promote them to get traffic. Once they have enough traffic they put google ads or other banner and text ads to earn PPC ( Pay per click) money.

Anyway, let us see that this company has to offer. Quoting from their site, they offer complete and all-inclusive
solutions for everyone – beginners,
professionals and businesses.

• 300 Gigabytes of Disk Space
• Host UNLIMITED Domains !
• Unlimited Email Accounts
• Anti Spam Features
• 2,500 Gigs of Transfer
• Web Access, FTP, Traffic Stats
• Free $100 in Advertising Credits !
• Front Page Extensions
• Free Domain Forever
• Free Site Builder
• 24/7 Professional Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
We will refund your hosting fees at anytime
during the first 30 days, no questions asked.

99% UpTime Guarantee!
Your web site is guaranteed operational 99%
of the time in any calendar month,
or your money back for that month !

100% Security Guarantee!
your security and privacy is guaranteed.

Looks good to me, but I think since most of the hosting providers are providing similar packages, what needs to be seen is the customer support. Eventually the company with better customer support will be the winner.

Ava Host

AvaHost, with their servers in the EV1Servers data centre in Houston, Texas USA provides a reliable and cheap web hosting service/support for personal web sites and small-to-medium sized business with the best web hosting solutions since 2001.

The company uses the latest technology to keep its clients satisfied. Avahost can provide you with all the possibilities to make your e- commerce as efficient as possible.

In May 2004 Avahost had already contained over 20.000 Windows and Linux web servers which is the best recommendation for the company possible.

They gaurantee 100% Security with all credit card transactions being are carried out via 2CheckOut, member of Better Business Bureau and Verified by Visa program, with the highest security in place.

They provide 99% uptime guarantee in any calendar month, or your money will be refunded for that month.

With their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee its worth giving a try.

The bad thing is that they do not provide phone support in order to keep their prices lower.

The data centre has 100,000 square feet of web hosting space, and each features redundant UPS, generator backup and smoke detection/fire protection systems. EV1Servers is connected to the Internet through 14 Gigabit Ethernet links from six separate backbone providers.

They have four hosting plans to choose from -Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Advanced Plan, Platinum Plan. With each plan you are given a possibility to create your own domain and have some additional ones but only in the amount available for the plan you selected.

The scripting language possible to use in Avahost web hosting plans is PHP and programming languages which are Perl and Python.