Virtual DJ

The best software related to DJ’ing is VirtualDJ. This mp3 DJ software is providing everything you wanted and can do with music like instant bmp beat matching, seamless lops and automatic remixing, scratching and synchronized sampling and many more. This software is the only solution existing today. This hottest software of MP3 mixing has targeted bedroom DJs to professional DJs. It has a BeatLock engine through which the chosen songs will always remain in beats, and the mixes can be worked louder than any other DJ. The requirement in the computer is PIII 850 MhZ computer with a 1024×768 SVGA video and DirectX compatible soundcard , 512 MB RAM and 20 MB free on the hard-drive. It has the automatic seamless loop and the synchronized sampler which is brand new and lets you to perform live mind blowing remixes without any preparation. The cues and the visual representation will allow to see clearly the structure of the song. You can scratch like a real turntables with the vinyl controls. There is an infinite cue points with which you can save the songs the number of times you want to, producing an synchronized wonderful effects. There are numerous interfaces which will suit everyone form the amateur to the professional ones. There is a possibility for recording your mixes and then e CDs, you can also broadcast it on the internet, and also have an own radio station, saving CDs directly inMP3 is possible. Using of headphones for previewing the songs is also available in this unique software. Virtual DJ has brought a revolution and a new era of DJs at an affordable price.

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