What Does It Mean By SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that is used for the promotion of a website. Although it should not be compared with advertisement as because advertisement is specifically money oriented but search engine optimization is an art that can be done even without spending enough money. SEO basically deals with the search engines like that of Google, Yahoo, Live etc. In general SEO can be defined as an activity that can be used to bring a site on high on Search engine results. Optimization is done with respect to a certain text that is known as keyword. These keywords are optimized in such a way that the search results specific to those keywords would bring on the site at the first page. SEO doesn’t require a very high technical skill, but at least you should be familiar with the basic HTML. There are certain basic rules that have to be followed while performing search engine optimization for a site. It’s not essential that your effort would bring your site at the top of search engine results but if you followed all the basic rules of SEO then your site would definitely not go unnoticed.

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