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The real world altogether seems to have concentrated in this virtual world. Its hard to find what not has made its access into this virtual world. Information related to anything and everything is just a click away. Searching of information has been made easy by the search engines. It is the principle factor that helps you to find heaps of information about whatever thing you want. Searching without search engines would have been an arduous job. Every now and then search engines are being optimized. The Search Engine Optimization firms assure the clients, definite top results for a well-worth site. By creating a site that can be easily reached and useful for people and by using genuine, semantic markup, one can compose it with a greater harmony that will be attractive to search engine systems.

Now to promote your site over the search engines, you should be comprehensive with some basics of search engine optimization. Firstly you should keep in mind that no shortcuts can ever fetch you the good result. There should be a good content. This is the primary aspect as your site can get the top position if it is filled with quality content. The content should be structurally and grammatically correct with unique and authentic facts. Sincere contents always appeal to people. More particularly, it needs to be valuable to the people you want to find your site. There should be descriptive and relevant page titles so that search engines can easily recognize the key contents of your site and people going through search results can instantly find their requirements. Finally one should use real headings, search engine friendly URLs, valid, semantic, lean, and accessible markup and submit carefully.

Viagra clicks

You must be thinking now whats that ! What do the two have together other than keeping a lot of people up at night? “Buy Viagra” is one of the hottest keywords as far as Google AdSense money goes. A site hosting Viagra ads can rake in $10 to $35 per click through Google AdSense.

Many SEO and SEM professionals use Viagra type keywords to gauge Google organic SERP’s. There are many legitimate websites getting beaten out of hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars a day by publisher click fraud.

The search world often gauges terms related to Viagra due to its popularity in worldwide searches as well as the high price that it brings to publishers.

Recently a blogger showed “How Publisher Click Fraud Is A Million Dollar Industry”.

He stated ” I put some money into my AdWords account and bid on some low-cost keywords about data backup and put up a one-page wonder sub domain site called crash recovery systems and used some scripts I downloaded off the Internet that allowed me to put 6 Google Ad boxes along with bogus text about disaster recovery I blatantly scraped from another site.

That is the first part of publisher click fraud. Taking a webpage and putting on more than 2 allowed ad units and spoofing the AdWords server into serving high cost text ads that have nothing to do with the domain. These are in direct conflict with Google’s Terms and Conditions:

The next thing I did was go onto my Kubuntu machine and loaded Ice Weasel (this is another name for FireFox) that uses a proxy server that utilizes .edu domains. I went to the site and clicked on MY ad. I then quickly chose another server in the list, refreshed my browser, cleared the cookies and went back to the site and clicked the ad again. The whole process took less than a minute.

I did this a few times then went into my AdSense account ad saw that I had made $16.00 at 12 cents per click on the text clicks and 19 cents by using the search box and clicking on my ad in the SERP’s. In fact the search AdSense is even easier to spoof because you are going through yet another interface. By setting up multiple entry points I could have done this all day long and wracked up a hundred or so dollars on a 12 cent click. This can be done to the extreme on personal injury lawyers sites, Viagra and pharmaceutical sites to bring in even more profit.”

There is only one way to eliminate publisher click fraud. Google MUST remove doorway and ad-only sites. Going back to the Viagra example, a search for “Viagra” yields these results.

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Building a blog

Content is supreme but apart from the content and the amount of information you put in, you need to make it more accessible and consumable. Like they say, Food that Looks and Smells better, Tastes better. It is often too difficult to stay visible and be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas safely and clearly. For a more intimate relationship with your friends and the online community, in general, you should use a blog. It is a convenient way to make your ideas and opinions known or to publish more formal articles on specific topics, and to develop commentaries around them.

However creatively you design your blog the main point of blogging and its essence lies in the content it holds. A blog’s design should allow your user to focus on it and make sure not to divert his attention. Place links to most popular articles or recent entries where readers would first see when they visit your blog. If you are a beginner you should concentrate on the content, but the next step is always the presentation.

The most important feature of all: post regularly and post often. It not only brings readers back regularly but it means the spiders from the search engines will return more frequently indexing your entire site, and you’ll start getting hits from the search engines.

Pinging to weblogs et al is good but trackbacking to sites is better, when of course your post is in relation to that sites topic. Also legitimate commenting directly on other sites helps expose your site to others. But remember, it must be legitimate comment and not spam!

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Optimising for MSN

I agree Google is ranked as the best and most powerful and vastly used search engine in most of the countries. May be that is the reason that almost all people make Google the focus of their optimisation efforts and put Yahoo as second. This is probably the right mentality, as these two search engines get the vast majority of all searches and have the greatest potential for delivering traffic to your site. However, MSN is third in line and can still deliver a considerable amount of traffic. Moreover, it is one of the easiest search engines to get new sites listed in, so if you have a new site with low pagerank, targeting MSN is a worthwhile strategy. Below are a couple of tips to help you get listed in MSN:

MSN places a lot of weight to on-page content. Make sure you mention your keywords in the title and page description and aim for a keyword density of around 3% to make the most of on-page factors.

Unlike Google, MSN will give you credit for almost every link you get. It doesn’t matter if these are bad quality links or reciprocal links – the more the merrier. Getting loads of links in a short space of time can give a nice boost to your MSN listings: its quantity not quality of links that counts for MSN. Of course, these strategies may do more harm than good in other search engines so be careful!

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Linking strategies

The most important part of your website is your content, but how that content is accessible is just as crucial. If your users can’t readily find what they are looking for, then they will leave your site and never come back. Every site has some sort of navigation. Whether it is a fancy Flash menu system with rollover effects going across the header or simple text links running down the sidebar, you have to have navigation.

How your internal pages link together outside of the navigation or footer links is extremely important for SEO as well as usability. For now I am concerned with SEO, but if you are interested in linking for usability read: Website Usability and Link Navigation. The search engine spiders follow the links within your content as well as the links within your navigation and footer. In fact it is the content links that are of more importance, especially on the home page.

A website and its pages are broken down into tiers. The top tier pages are your home page and any pages that are linked directly from it. The second tier pages are linked from pages other than your home page. For instance if you have a link from your home page to your services page, and from services you link to the individual pages that explain your different offerings, those sub pages are second tier. Those pages that are not linked to the home page, but only to your service page are third tier pages. If you have sub-pages under the different individual services those would be fourth tier pages and so on.

The importance of Pass Through Ratio

The pass through ratio is broken down into 2 types:

1. Domain Pass Through – the carry over of page rank to pages linked from overall website elements such as footers and navigation.

2. Page Pass Through – the carry over of authority and page rank from one page (or tier) to another.

When you are first developing a website drawing out your site linking structure is one of the most overlooked facet of design. You must plan your internal linking carefully to not water down your top tier pages. Too many outbound links on a page (even internal links) will take away its authority and ability to score higher page rank.

More importantly, on an existing website, the addition of new pages and their ability to rank in search engines depends on pass through. Top tier pages that need to also support pages under them must have outside linking to them directly for them to be able to pass on their authority.

When obtaining inbound links whether you do reciprocal link exchange or buy links from a broker make sure to also get links for your internal pages. That is the most important aspect of pass through, the weight of the internal tier pages.