Here is an interesting new product on the block DIY SEO Live. Its a great tool to monitor your SEO strategies. You can use DIY SEO Live to generate SEO Analysis reports for all usability and credibility problems on a web site. It involves analysis of the site for several factors, such as:

* Clean and professional look
* Abandonment rate and bottlenecks in the conversion funnels
* Broken links, including missing images
* Incorrectly displayed graphics
* Slow pages
* Hard-to-reach pages
* Missing (or improperly formatted) META information – such a TITLE tag – that affects your search engine positioning.

It is quite affordable for small businesses and offers a good return on investment.

Their SEO Inbound Link Analysis reports will tell you if the backlinks that you have been building are in place with the backlinks text, number of links in both summary and detail level.
Such SEO reports can be very useful for analyzing your SEO strategies.

SEO Search Engine Ranking report is a big time saver. These SEO rankings report gives you an idea of your rankings in the major search engines across the world. Not only this, you can compare your current search engine rankings to the previous, first and best ranking results. You can keep track of changes in your web results, and have enough information to determine which of your search engine optimization strategies were most effective.

Currently DIY SEO Live is running a discount campaign and you can have over 40 reports for just $49.

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Robots File

Robots Exclusion Protocol

The Robots Exclusion Protocol is a method that allows Web site administrators to indicate to visiting robots which parts of their site should not be visited by the robot. When a Robot visits a web site, it first checks for the file robots.txt in the root directory; e.g. If it can find this file, it will analyze its contents to see if it may retrieve further documents (files). You can customize the robots.txt file to apply only to specific robots, and to disallow access to specific directories or files. Note that there can only be a single “/robots.txt” on a site.

The Robots META tag
The Robots META tag allows HTML authors to indicate to visiting robots if a document may be indexed, or used to harvest more links. No server administrator action is required. Note that currently only a few robots implement this.

< META name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" >

Parameters that can be passed
INDEX Index this page.
FOLLOW Follow links from this page.
NOINDEX Don't index this page.
NOFOLLOW Don't follow links from this page.

The Robots META tag name and values are case-insensitive. Note: In early 1997 only a few robots implemented this, but this is expected to change as more public attention is given to controlling indexing robots.

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undetectable spam

I read a really funny story by Matt Cutts regarding “undetectable spam” tells how he sniffed and removed a very large data recovery website from Google that claimed to be “undetectable” during the year November 2002.

I’d agree with most of what Matt says – almost any large-scale link development operation that’s designed to boost your rankings will eventually stop passing value.

However, some experts disagree that all paid links are detectable – they claim, there are some that fly under the radar so deeply that even mighty Matt has never found them. The examples quoted by them include :-

1. Links you buy yourself from the website’s owner
Oftentimes when making a link request, you offer something in return. On many occasions, that something can be a direct monetary exchange. Trust me when I say that even Google’s spam hunters don’t have time to call up every site owner and grill them CIA-style until they reveal what links people have paid for.
2. One-to-one link building services
Jim Boykin’s crew may be most famous for this service, wherein the SEO will contact relevant sites and offer to buy links or “rent” pages on the domain.
3. Smart link brokers
I think that every link broker around has two kinds of inventory – the ones they sell to their general clients and the ones they keep for their own sites or sell at a very high rate to their best clientele. This latter type is usually 100% under the radar. It’s completely customized on every site, fits in with the content exceptionally well, and is designed so it couldn’t be detected even with a very savvy look from an experienced SEO or spam hunter.

The idea behind truly “undetectable” spam is that a reverse link command will appear to be 100% natural. You might look at the links and say, “Man, that guy must have really liked his content to link over there.” At that point, the link buyer/seller has won the battle – those paid links really are “undetectable.”

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Search Engine Optimization

The objective of Search Engine Optimization is to increase web visitor counts by ranking very high in the results of searches using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site. This relative ranking is often viewed as a struggle to best use a few keywords, instead of a struggle to out-do your competition. If you search on your target keywords, you will see the leading site in the rankings. All you need to do is to be better than that number one site.

It is not enough to simply add META tags and do search engine submission of your site to a million search engine indexes and directories. The first placement step in obtaining significant web visitor counts is to seek first-page search engine results. An early step is to build a great content-rich site. One of the last steps is the proper submission of your great site to the search engine or directory. In the middle is a step that is VITAL if you want to obtain front-page results. Most sites skim past this step because it is forgotten or too complex, but without competent Search Engine Optimization you are destined to be search engine fodder.

Online earning

Most Work-at-Home sites promise that you can start making $1000s in a day. Get real – that’s not going to happen. And any site that promises this is either a scam or going to ask you to do something illegal.

The first question that people ask me when I tell them that I earn money from the Internet is “Can I really make money online in India?” or “Will it work in India?” I would just like to tell you all that yes, it is possible to make money online even if you are in India.

The tools you need are:

– A computer with access to the internet (even a cyber cafe will do, but it’s better if you have your own computer)

– A website (and I will show you how to create a website without any programming knowledge – if you can type, you can create a website)

– Someone to guide you through each step (like me)

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