Appropriate Use Of Keywords

Optimizing the selected keywords for your site can’t simply fetch you the desired result. Unless these keywords have properly being used in the content of your site, you won’t achieve the exact feedback of optimization. After you have chosen the appropriate keywords for your site your next task it to use these keywords in proper density to the content of your site. A general idea is that, more will be the keyword density; the easier will be the indexing of your site. Recommended keyword density for a page is assumed to be 3-7% for highly competitive keywords and 1-2% for lighter keywords. You can use keyword density checker to determine the keyword density of your site. There are no exact rules or principles for the use of keywords in to your site but you should try optimizing for a limited number of keywords so that you could achieve the best results. If you create a long list of keywords and start optimizing on all of them, you can’t achieve the adequate results. While optimizing large number of keywords you could hardly use few of them in the content of your web pages. This would consequently reduce the chances of getting indexed by the crawlers. Hence it’s better to start optimizing with 4-5 keywords at a time. It is also forbidden to stuff your content with greater keyword density as it may sound artificial and may lead your site to be banned from search engines.

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