Avoid Getting Banned by Search Engines

Techniques called black hat techniques are sources which can make a website damage its reputation. Black hat techniques are those used by some SEOs for making their websites rank well in search engines specifically without providing any useful information to the visitors.

Black hat techniques

Keyword Stuffing
This is one of the most commonly used techniques. It involves injecting large number of keywords all over the page. Keywords density should not be more than intended (usually 3%-5%) because it can lead to ban of website by search engines.

Hidden Texts
It is similar to keyword stuffing. Hidden texts are placed at different parts of the page like the bottom of a website in smaller fonts or placed out of the page/ visible scroll. They can also be placed in same color on the back of webpage’s background image. When websites use this tactic there is a chance of being banned, so such content should be avoided.


It is one of the best mechanisms followed by SEO providers for making a website popular. Main purpose of using this mechanism is to make website attain high rank in search engines.

Doorway Pages

They are pages of a website whose main purpose is to target a specific phrase or keyword, they are not important, some times when these pages are used there are chances of a websites removal.


It’s a tool used with doorway pages. When a visitor lands on a doorway page, he is redirected to a page that actually contains legitimate content. Improper Redirections reduce websites attraction.

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