NetCaptor browser

Some browsers are great and have high performance level and are user friendly. You should choose your browser according to your need. The browsers whose applications will help you to perform your task of surfing with much ease and that it is having some additional features, should be installed by you. NetCaptor is a browser, which uses Internet Explorer as a foundation. This browser is dependent on Internet Explorer, which must be installed on your PC in order to use NetCaptor. NetCaptor, though cannot work alone but it is still significant as it adds some useful features to the basic Internet Explorer browser. It is equipped with tabbed browsing and you can customize the settings to block popups and advertisements to save time and bandwidth. A combination of other noteworthy features allows you to generate a search using numerous search engines at once. You can choose to search with one or more of you favorite search engines such as AltaVista, Google, Yahoo, Lycos and many more. You can also choose the type of search you want to perform; some examples include Web, Books and Reference. The other outstanding feature, called Captor Groups, allows you to save a group of webpages for later reference. This feature is ideal for you if you are researching a topic on the Internet. Its a free download any anyone can use it with Internet Explorer.

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