iRider browser review

There are quite a good number of internet browsers. iRider is a commercial browser which is having some of the latest features. Firstly, it has a page map which shows open pages as thumbnails in a hierarchical tree, giving a visual overview of the pages and sites that are running. The page map can be navigated directly by clicking links or using back and forward instructions. One can even directly click on a page or visit the pages just by dragging through the page map. For downloading any page while staying on the current page, one should right-click on links or favorites. The user can even opt for multiple links or Favorites (bookmarks), open them all with one click, and evaluate them as they download at maximum speed. Again, a Next Page command visits pages as they download in the page map, according to user-defined alternatives. In arrangement with link queuing, the browser allows easy visitation of any pages on a site or numerous sites, without using the Back button or revisiting pages previously seen. A Parent command goes to a page’s parent page and throws light on the link used to reach the child page. The user can even search a number of categorized search engines at a time and download their results concurrently. Separate pages can be easily opened from forms and the browser blocks undesired pop-ups.

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