Facebook social networking website

Facebook is a free-access social networking website which was launched on February 4, in the year 2004. This website is privately owned and also operated by Facebook, Inc. The social networking website was founded by Mark Zuckerberg while he was student at the Harvard University and the membership of the website was limited to the students of the University. It later expanded to anyone who age is 13 and above from September 11, 2006. The users of this social networking site can join networks, which are organized by city, workplace, region and school for interacting with other people. Users can several friends and send them messages and also update their profile for notifying about themselves. According to a survey in April 2008, more than 70 million people have visited Facebook worldwide.

The social networking website generates its revenues from the advertising which include banner ads and for serving banner advertising, Facebook’s exclusive partner is Microsoft. Users can update photos in their profiles and the viewing of profiles is restricted to the users of the same network or friends. The users of the Facebook can only use plain test for decorating their profiles. There are various interesting features in Facebook, like ‘Wall’ which is a space and is there in every person’s profile which allows posting of messages for the user to see by the friends, ‘Poke’ through which users can poke their friends, ‘Photos’ which is the most popular application and ‘Status’, ‘News Feed’. The Facebook Platform provides the software developers a framework for creating applications for interacting with core features of Facebook.

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