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The internet jungle is fast growing. Every individual wants a blog and every company needs a website. If you want to build your own website but are reluctant because you are not sure where to start or if you are already into web site development and are always looking to incorporate new strategies and master new techniques, webbusinesstoolsonline.com can help you out.

So, here is my check on
Web Sit Help provided by this website.

The site is very simple and easy to understand and navigate with all the links on the left sidebar. So far so good. I was impressed with the neat layout and and wonderful links that read it loud “Free Website builder”, “Free Site maker details” to “website promotion ideas”. Well that seemed to be a very relevant and knowledgeable source.

So, with this great impression I went on and checked few articles. The first one “Free website builder”. It was all about a product called SBI and the article was intended to sell that. It said

While the site builder is free, there is a small hosting fee for each site builder you get. Now though Friday July 6th you can get one free site builder for the regular hosting fee plus an additional site builder for a reduced hosting fee price.

I checked out few more articles and every article had some or the other links trying to sell something to you through affiliate network. But at the same time these articles provided good knowledge about various ways to earn money online. I must say, the idea is really cool. The website owner has created a good knowledge-base for the beginners and experienced with a way to self-sponsor every bit of it.

ServePath dedicated servers

There are n number of companies providing Dedicated Servers for hosting needs. Today, I will be reviewing one of such company called ServePath.

ServePath was started in early 2001. ServePath operates its own state-of-the-art data center and is headquartered in San Francisco. The company boasts a strong management team and a highly skilled Support and Services team that now manages several thousand servers for over 2000 business customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.
The company has become one of the first providers to offer the new Intel quad-core processors, ideally suited for companies that need maximum processing power for large database applications.

The new Intel server supplies four processing cores in one physical processor and offers an increase in performance of up to 50 percent over its previous generation of dual-core processors. It’s the latest offering in server technology that allows more processing capacity to be concentrated on fewer servers.

The EnterprisePath server hosting solution is ServePath’s top of the line dedicated dervers, ideal for mission-critical Internet applications requiring scalability and high performance. The EnterprisePath server hosting solution includes powerful SCSI hard drives, with a RAID 5 storage array featuring five hot-swappable 146 GB drives for a total of 584 GB of fast, redundant storage.

They provide a meticulously detailed Service Level Agreement, a 1-hour hardware replacement guarantee, VLANs on every dedicated server, a dedicated 100Mbps Internet connection, and, most importantly, direct access to their support department. You are always able to speak with a knowledgeable support representative, located in the Network Operations Center (NOC). This level of service and familiarity helps them to resolve the server issues efficiently and quickly.

ServePath’s dedicated servers give you total control allowing you to install, configure, and manage your web applications the way you want and without interference. If you need flexibility and control of your hosting environment, a ServePath dedicated server is an excellent choice for you.

Minalyzer Lite

Minalyzer Lite Site Search

Minalyzer is an indexing and data analysis solution.
It can help you to find information from application logs, web servers, file servers, relational databases, email servers and other business applications. It is a command line wrapper on top of Java Lucene. The end user does not need any knowledge of lucene or java.

With Minalyzer Lite Site Search you can gear up your website with powerful search tools

* Standard search functionality through web forms.
* Advanced query options such as keyword forcing (+) and keyword exclusion (-).
* Targeted searches in single or multiple index collections.
* Summarized and highlighted results, properly paginated.
* Search by field or location within your website.
* Maintain high performance by running resource-intensive processes on remote computers.

I like the fact that Minalyzer Lite can be fully customized to fit seamlessly into your site, it is easy to install and administer. So why not take the time to visit Minalyzer.com, try out the demo, see if you like it, download the file and try it out!

Some alternative search tools are either very expensive or are free. Free ones come with a limited support or ask you for your personal data. This site a contains comprehensive documentation, support and a forum. So if you get stuck there seems to be a good backup and help around if you need it.

It is Operating System/Platform independent and works with most shared hosting accounts and works with all web programming languages, e.g. ASP. NET, PHP, Perl, and HTML (CGI-Scripts enabled).
It is very easy to install and administer with just simple xcopy/ftp installation and the executable runs locally so there is no dependencies on other sites or companies.

Logo Design

Logo Design Works is a one stop brand services company based in Columbus, Ohio, with offices in London (UK), Nice (France), Singapore and Chennai (India). With around 40 Professional Logo Designers in their team they claim to have created logos for 1000s of companies from around the world since 1999.

Looking at their fabulous samples that go beyond few 100, I was truly fascinated.

Company logo design requires a lot of experience, passion, creativity and basic understanding of how corporate identities work. It requires patience and understanding the target audience of the company.

The creative strategy used in company logo designs is image advertising.
Image advertising is becoming increasingly popular in all types of services and products. From soft drinks to airlines and cars, there are many brands that have begun using image advertising. Many people associate with certain brands because of the images that are seen when these brands are advertised. Your company logo design can encompass image advertising by providing an image that people are able to see, remember and relate to. The key is to develop company logo designs that appeal to your consumers.

The greater the number of competitors, the more important it is to have positive and appealing company logo designs. It is difficult for consumers to differentiate one business from another if there is not an image behind the company. The image that your consumer’s relate to you with should be the company logo designs. Although your services may be similar or exactly the same as your competitor, your company logo designs will help your consumer differentiate between the two businesses.

Csv Reader .Net class

Its long time since I used ASP or .Net. But today however I got a chance to review a .Net component called DataStreams

It is basically a component library for .Net developers to easily integrate data from various formats like CSV, Excel, and XML into their applications. CSV Reader is an extensively fast, reliable and perfectly stable .Net class that can manage stream based parsing of virtually all kinds of commonly used delimited data format such as CSV files, tab delimited files, and all other kind of data delimited files.

CSVreader class can be used from C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, or any other .Net language. The Datastreams group has made CSV reader as fully compatible with version 1.0, 1.1, and version 2.0 of the .Net frameworks. The methods of the csvreader have been designed as user friendly as possible, while the inner architecture is designed purely for speed and higher degree of efficiency without inducing loads on the system unnecessarily.

CSVreader parses the delimited data source using the standard CSV file specifications. Csvreader handles quoted fields, delimiters in the data, and even data that spans across multiple lines. This gives you the ability to open csv files, edit csv files, and save csv files all directly from code. This provides a magnificent ease of use of the datafile in any application using the csvreader class from datastreams website.

The CSVreader.com web site provides downloadable versions of the DataStreams class so that users may download the class, integrate and use it in their application and then when they are satisfied by the overall power of the Datastreams, they can later buy the class and use all its potential featres empowering the application to even work with csv files at their full ease.


* Stream based file parsing allowing for parsing of large files without storing the entire file contents in memory
* Simple reader pattern movement through file
* Simple access to field data by index or by field name
* Internal parsing using arrays instead of strings for fast looping over large files
* Uses built in framework functionality to handle most encoding issues instead of guessing or hardcoding
* Includes a CSV writer to ease the worries while creating CSV data. No more needing to worry about what to replace with what to match up with delimiters, text qualifiers, etc

Speed comparison chart: