Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software

There are many multimedia softwares available in the market and one of them is Blaze Media Pro. It has all the great features one can think of in such a software. It is a powerful all-in-one multimedia application that offers conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback, CD burning and much more. So if you are a music fanatic then you’ve got to try this. What I liked about it the most is its capability to extract audio content of video files and to save them as sound files. Even the frames can also be extracted to images. You can even create video files from still frame images and/or other videos.

Document Control Software

You can find the best Document Control Software at With the increase in the IT companies and the IT consultancy firms, it is extremely important to make a good deal of arrangement for maintaining the electronic documents and all that is needed to keep up the documents in good conditions. This will help these IT companies to work more easily and with more efficiency. There will be no malfunctioning while they are doing a project that they have taken from some other company. An absolute perfect document is needed in order to get the project done properly. It is a great requirement for these services providing IT companies to get the work done properly with the help of the document control software. Documentation is always an important aspect of such organizations and they need to be alert about appropriate documentation and hence Document Control Software will be of great help to them.

Custom web forms

Either you hold a personal blogging site, a shopping cart, an education site, social site or a professional site; all of them need a contact form. As contact form or so called web forms acts as a direct link between you and your visitors and hence it should be dealt with utmost care. Just simply installing a web form is not enough for your site. You can manipulate a lot through these web forms if given a close look. Its not that easy to customize your web forms and hence is here to assist you with its most advanced contact form. These web forms can be used to track and analyze converting traffic of your site. Once you place your order for a customizable contact form will provide you a form as per your requirement. You need not to edit your existing form; everything will be done by and that too on your existing web form. Using these contact form you can learn actual keywords people are typing, know about the geographical areas of visitors, stop spams with built-in captchas and many more.

secure and advanced e-commerce

Today, online shopping is the latest trend of business. Almost every section of market has been made online with the help of internet. Globalization of business has taken a rapid step ahead, thus featuring numerous ways to promote your business. If you own a shop of various products then you would definitely think of building an online store for your shop. Online Store can drastically enhance your business to a great extent. You can have your customers not just from your own region, but from all over the world. Due to lack of proper knowledge about online store, most of the people are afraid to start their online business. But now you need not to worry any more as gate13 online store service is here to empower you with the most secured and advanced e-commerce sales capabilities. By integrating gate 13 online store script on your existing website, you will see your online business coming alive in no time. Gate 13 enables you to create a professional website with a very easy interface. Their scripts are secure and safe to use. They are easy to implement and use.

Importance of website reviews

Do you know how important are Web Site Reviews ? Website reviews are basically the views jotted down by the users of a particular website. It helps other users decide and take the wise decision to buy or not to buy or what to expect from a particular website. provides some fairly interesting statistics on countless websites as well as a listing of the Top Websites. Apart from these statistics, the users can post their Site Reviews about the shortcomings or strengths of a site which makes the site unique.