Free counter is a real-time service of recording the number of web hits on your web site. The Hit Counter Code is fairly accurate and is a real asset to sites that want to map web traffic to its web site. This is because many people use their web hit counter code or statistics on their professional web page as well as personal web sites and other social networking and online business a retail sites. This is mainly done to impress potential visitors to the site and also encourage or boost a business deal.

FreeCounterPro provides you with an accurate hit counter code that is available to you as soon as you sign up with the site. This is actually free and lo and behold! You have professional help to assist you aggravate your web traffic to your web site. This not only makes your web page more popular among the surfers but also helps you rank better in the search engine lists. Though hit counters are available online by a lot of portals yet FreeCounterPro is one of the very few that provides authentic and accurate hit counter codes and provides guidelines to help you manage the web traffic to your web site yourself!

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