About Us

We are in the business of providing solutions; Solutions, which are based on 10+ years of experience in diverse markets and industry domains. At Cybersoft, we consider ourselves solution providers. This means, we focus on the end rather than the means.

Unlike most outsourcing companies, we aren’t going to dazzle you with an array of technical skills, brilliant HRM strategies that result in low attrition ratios, or even excellent development methodologies, documentation skills and flexible process (all of which we have). What we stress on is our in-depth understanding of your business, our ability to quickly comprehend the unique way in which you function and the speed at which we can get to the core of what you are saying and what your requirements may be. This we feel is paramount in delivering quality solutions and building long term relationships.

Originally part of a telecom group, which started its operations in 1995, we quickly adopted the outsourcing model and since then have perfected outsourced communication, development, quality control, release and support processes to a degree that allows smooth delivery of solutions, regardless of the ‘where’ and ‘how’. High quality documentation and technology skills enable us to work on your product, without in any way compromising the high standards you have set and which you demand. The domain experience we can offer you includes sales, eCommerce, enterprise resource planning, logistics, manufacturing, medical devices, healthcare applications, finance, distributed computing, retail, distribution and security among many others.We offer a convenient combination of onsite, offsite local and offshore design and development. This ensures our processes and offerings can be molded as per your requirements. ‘Compromise’ is not a word you need to consider when working with Cybersoft. We can provide development resources at a site of your choosing. This translates to your being able to follow your original project plan, instead of having to change it in order to work with us. Cybersoft understands your concerns on security. With hundreds of users in place for our products, we are intimately aware of security issues and how to handle them effectively. Regular internal and external security audits, combined with a strong sense of responsibility and awareness instilled in each team member, we can assure you of complete security as per your unique specifications.

Unlike most others, we prefer to build on relationships, taking a long term view of our interaction with each client. We will partner with you, understand your product, learn your business and ensure we add value every step of the way. We believe effectiveness is the keystone to exceeding expectations which in turn is the basis for building and maintaining long term relationships.